An Olivia Grace diamond is carefully hand selected and impeccably set by the finest craftsman in unique designs. All our diamonds are accompanied with a certificate from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).  We also can provide certification from Antwerp (EGL).

The cut of a diamond is essential to release the brilliance of the gem. A poorly cut diamond, or one that is too deep or shallow, will allow the light to escape and therefore reducing the brilliance and the beauty of the stone.

A pure and perfect diamond is truly a thing of breathtaking beauty. It is exceedingly rare to find a flawless gem which has none of nature’s markings or inclusions. Clarity measures the number, size, position and colour of imperfections. The clearer the diamond, the more valuable it is.

Diamonds are measured in carat weight with each carat weighing one fifth of a gram. The size of the diamond does not always reflect the value. A larger stone can have a lower value if the cut, clarity and colour are of a lower grade.

Colourless diamonds are graded on a scale from D to Z, where D is totally without colour and Z is a light yellow. The colour of a diamond is absolutely critical. The most beautiful, rarest and most valued diamonds being the natural colours.

At Olivia Grace we have added an extra C as we believe that each diamond has its own unique character and energy that differentiates it to other stones sold elsewhere.