Empowering Ourselves / by Helena Lappin


By Helena Fine

Every one of us is facing some sort of battle. It may seem small to others but unless you’ve stepped into someone else's shoes, no one can make that judgement.

Being a jeweller, I understand this very deeply. As well as offering a jewellery service, I quite often find myself offering counselling too as I meet so many people going through various journeys in their lives.

What may seem to be a small purchase to treat oneself could actually be marking a big change in someone's life and cannot be taken lightly.

I found this recently while meeting a lovely customer who was buying diamond jackets to go around some existing diamond earring studs. She had been so busy bringing up her 2 small children over the last 5 years, she forgot to make time for herself. The act of buying these earrings and seeing them sparkle on her ears energised her and made her realise that she needed to invest more time in herself.

She explained later that she felt lifted as she walked out the door - taller, happier and sparklier!

I never underestimate the power of deep meaningful conversation...and some sparkle, of course!